Job Opportunities

Periodically, East Woods is looking for candidates to fill positions of ministry to support our mission as a church.  Currently, we have two positions open. Please reference each below. Submit your resume to Chuck Dunn at if you are interested in pursuing either positions.  Thank you.

Available Positions

Contact for both positions please reach out to the following:

Chuck Dunn


Church # (360) 944-5841


Church Address:
16210 NE 20th St.
Vancouver, WA 98684-6773

  • nursery ATTENDANT

    Part Time – approximately 2.5 to 4 hours per week

    Salary:  $13.50/hour



    To provide for the safety, care, activities and supervision of children ages birth through four years during East Woods Sunday morning worship services and programs, as well as during occasional special services and events.  


    Personal Description:

    The East Woods Presbyterian Church Nursery Attendant should be someone who displays a solid commitment to Jesus Christ, a deep love for God and a passionate dedication to children and their care. He or she should be comfortable, experienced, and competent in caring for – and relating with – infants, toddlers, and young children.  

    The Nursery Attendant should be organized and detail-oriented, able to communicate well with children and their parents, able to manage and work with a team, energetic and creative and attentive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.   



    • Work under the guidance of the Children and Family Ministries Commission and the Family Ministries Director to provide for the safety, care, activities and supervision of children ages birth through four years.
    • Manage and maintain the Twigs Room (Nursery), in partnership with the East Woods cleaning teams.
    • Support and comply with Church Policies


     Communication Responsibilities:

    • Report to – and remain accountable to – the Family Ministries Director and Elder of Children and Family Ministries.
    • Meet at least once a year with the Pastor/Head of Staff for support, coordination of program, and personal development.
    • Maintain regular contact with the Children and Family Ministries Commission for program coordination.
    • Attend Children and Family Ministries Commission meetings at least twice each year.
    • Communicate in a timely manner with affected families whenever scheduling or facility issues arise related to Nursery care. 


    Hourly Expectation:

    • Approximately 2.5-4 hours weekly
    • 2 paid Sundays off per year
    • Present during Sunday morning Connecting Time and Sunday Service



    • $13.50 hr
    • $250 Budgeted Account for supplies and care coverage



    • Initial six-month probationary period
    • Employee performance to be evaluated periodically.


    Contact: Email:

  • Worship music leader

    Part Time – approx 6 to 10 hours per week 

    Salary:  $20/hour


    Accountability and Experience:
    Accountable to the Pastor and the Session through the Personnel Committee. The Worship Music Leader will also work with the Worship Commission along with other staff members and volunteers. Our ideal candidate’s life and ministry will demonstrate worship in a way that excites the hearts of others to do the same. Ideally, he/she will be a skilled guitar player and singer.  We will consider other instruments in the application.  He/she will celebrate and maintain East Woods’ blend of traditional and contemporary worship music, enlisting songs familiar to the congregation and also introducing new songs that can be effective in our context.  


    • Leading worship music for the weekly 10:00 AM Sunday worship service and 5-6 special services throughout the calendar year (i.e. Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, etc).  
    • Creating and maintaining a roster of musicians (vocalists, guitarists, pianist, and percussionist) that is both skilled and representative of the worshiping congregation.  
    • Providing spiritual mentoring and direction to worship team.
    • Ensuring all music-related information and resources are provided to musicians and church staff members in preparation for worship services.
    • Rehearsing the music team weekly in preparation for worship services.
    • Helping to train student musicians for the leading of music at Wednesday evening Youth Group.
    • Working with the Pastor in the selection of music for worship services, taking into consideration the scripture readings and topics for the Pastor’s preaching. 
    • Assisting in creating the vision for our move into the future through employing the most current contemporary worship songs, musical instruments, technology and visual arts for our worship services.  
    • Working with the AV Technician to ensure accuracy in the worship service slides.
    • Taking responsibility to arrange his/her own substitute in the event of absence.

    Evaluation Process:
    Formal performance reviews will be conducted six months after hiring and then annually by the Pastor as the Head of Staff and the Session’s Personnel Committee. The candidate must also be open to receiving weekly feedback and constructive criticism from the Pastor and Worship Commission as a means to improve the overall weekly worship experience.