Children and Family

How will our children learn to make ethical, moral decisions?  

How will they encounter life's wonder, awe, mystery and hope?  

East Woods Presbyterian Church's Children's Ministry is committed to helping children
build a joyous and loving relationship with God through knowing Jesus Christ and discovering God's Word in the Holy Bible.

It is our goal to excite, engage, and instruct young disciples about the Word of God through age-appropriate activities, song, drama, crafts, and games. 

Our teachers strive to connect with each child with compassion, gentleness, and humility.  

As children learn about God's teachings, they will discover their place in the church, how to apply these teachings to their lives and become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Sunday School

Children age 5 - 5th grade will be invited to join our Sunday School after the Children's Message in service. Here they will learn stories from the Bible and how their lives connect to those who lived in biblical times. Featuring crafts, games, and stories, this is a fun time for all who gather together!

Prefer to have your children stay in service with you? There are activity clipboards available as you enter the Sanctuary, and an activity or two in the bulletin as well.

HOW CAN I partner with


There are 3 ways that everyone at East Woods can Connect with children:

  1. Hands-on relationships.
  2. Pray for children in our congregation and community.
  3. Prepare behind the scenes.

There are many ways to work within these methods.
Let's discover what your connection method is together!

Contact Kevin (Director of Family Ministries) or Eric (Elder of Discipleship).



Please view our children's message each week, posted within our weekly online worship service. 

Special "Time For Younger Disciples" videos are also available for viewing on our Youtube Channel.


Check out our Events page to see what special events may be coming up for your family.

Jesus first . . .  Right?

We begin with the end in mind: 

If a child fully engages in a church, 

what should they have gained by the time

they “age out” of children’s ministry? 

Our goal is that they know that Jesus loves them. Similarly, we believe they should develop a personal relationship with Jesus and understand their redemption through him. We want our children to take these beliefs with them after they attend kids’ ministry and move into youth ministry.

We also want them to experience a loving, caring relationship with an adult, understand the Bible, engage with the culture as a resilient member.