Children and Family

How will our children learn to make ethical, moral decisions?  

How will they encounter life's wonder, awe, mystery and hope?  

East Woods Presbyterian Church's Children's Ministry is committed to helping children build a joyous and loving relationship with God through knowing Jesus Christ and discovering God's Word in the Holy Bible.

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It is our goal to excite, engage, and instruct young disciples about the Word of God through age-appropriate activities, song, drama, crafts, and games. Our teachers strive to connect with each child with compassion, gentleness, and humility.  As children learn about God's teachings, they will discover their place in the church, how to apply these teachings to their lives and become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Check out our "Events" page to see what special events may be coming up for your family.

[not] VBS 2021

June 26 & August 21  2:00-5:00pm

This year's VBS event will look different than years past, as we are still recognizing the intrusion of the pandemic in our lives. Rather than a week of evening gatherings, we will be holding carnival-style Saturday events that can be walked through by children and their parents.

Families will encounter stations hosting sing-a-longs, puppet shows, games, Bible stories, and more during these events meant to re-establish some sense of normalcy after a year apart from one another, while allowing for space between attendees in cooperation with County regulations.

We hope that your family, friends, and neighbors will join us for a grand old time!