Kevin Gates

Our new Children and Youth Director

East Woods is thrilled to introduce our new Children & Youth Director, Kevin Gates! Kevin will officially takes over over responsibilities of the Children and Family Ministry and Youth Ministry starting this summer. 

Kevin is a native of the Pacific Northwest and first began his work in ministry with youth in 1993 as an intern at Covenant Presbyterian Church while attending Multnomah University. He has since worked with youth and music ministries at numerous churches in both Oregon and Washington.  After years of volunteer and intern positions in youth ministry, Kevin went to Warner Pacific University, graduating with a Bachelors degree in Religion & Christian Ministries in 2010. He served as the Director of Youth Ministries at Walla Walla Presbyterian Church from 2011 to 2014 before beginning his M.Div program at San Francisco Theological Seminary in 2015.

Leaving seminary to take care of his late wife during her cancer journey, Kevin moved back to Portland, where he volunteered with youth and music leadership at Oak Hills Presbyterian for the last three years. Kevin is transitioning back into full-time ministry while looking at also restarting his seminary journey soon.  

Kevin currently lives in Milwaukie, Oregon with his step-daughter, Laura, a small Pomeranian, Mako, and an orange tabby, Oscar. He enjoys watching Sci-Fi, playing and listening to music (he plays guitar, bass, drums and a mean mandoline), and cooking up amazing dishes for his friends and family.

Kevin's contact information is   

Sunday Service

at 10:00 a.m.

Connecting Time

at 9:00-9:45 a.m.

(fellowship, coffee klatch, book club, kids' activities, etc.) 

East Woods  Presbyterian Church

16210 NE 20th Street, Vancouver, WA  98684  

Telephone #360-944-5841


Pastor Bill's Welcome

Welcome to East Woods!

Since 1993, East Woods has been a welcoming community of believers committed to Christian discipleship and to the call to join God’s Spirit in leading others to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Our Purpose Statement highlights our three priorities: worship, community, and Christ-centered discipleship.  Our worship services reflect our inter-generational diversity, offering an engaging blend of hymns and praise songs, congregational prayer sharing, and a sermon that connects the ancient truth of God’s word to our everyday lives. 

East Woods is a congregation that reflects the Bible’s central calls to the church: to love God (Mark 12:30), to love our neighbors as ourselves (Luke 10:27), to love one another (John 13:34), and to make disciples (Matthew 28:19).  Those calls are represented in our Purpose Statement.  By God's grace, we're a congregation Called to Worship, Called to Community, and Called to be Disciples of Jesus.

God’s Spirit is active and alive at East Woods, and I hope you’ll join us in worship sometime soon.

May God bless your journey!

Bill Sperry

We LOVE East Woods

 "We love East Woods" by doing what we do best - eat!  

We shared a meal together and discussed what we love best about East Woods.  

Below are some samples of comments gathered.

"The close community of members."

"Family, food, friendships, fellowship, using my God-given talents for Christ."

"I love the people!"

"I love East Woods because . . . it's a wonderful family to my family and friends.  My friends who don't attend - even my family who doesn't attend - they all know God is blessing this church."

"I LOVE Pastor Bill's preaching and the fellowship we share."

"The inspiring pastor, the friendly people, 

wonderful music and the heart for service."

"I love Pastor Bill, I love the people, 

I love the openness and loving feeling, and I love the families."

"Every time I step through the doors of East Woods it is a blessing.  East Woods welcomed me and allowed me to grow in my professional ministry."

"The warmth, love and fellowship was felt the moment I arrived at East Woods.  

I instantly knew I found my church home."

"I love you because you show me, you teach me and express me how to be a great person.  Sometimes I'm very bad, so I really appreciated what I'm learning and having.  I LOVE YOU, GUYS!!!  You always make me happy and understand. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO"

"I love the hearts of the congregation - so willing to share with those in need."

"East Woods has a congregation of loving and caring Christians.  

We love our church home."

"Love the pastor and sermons and the friendliness of the congregation.  

Fee at home here."

"The joy of worship, in prayer, in song and in the Word.

Becoming one heart and one voice worshipping our Lord."

"We love the warmth of our church family, 

as well as the focus on the love and grace of Jesus.  

We also love Bill's humble spirit and genuine care for us and all the congregation."

"I love the love I get at East Woods."

"The smallness of the church.  

I want it to grow but also to stay small in relationships."

"The people and Bill."

"The people.  The balanced mix of traditional and contemporary."

"Caring, Respect, Support, People"

"The wonderful, loving people of East Woods."