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August 2nd

Picnics in the Bible

For the month of August we have a new sermon series called "Picnics in the Bible."  Each week we'll explore a gathering and feast celebrated in the Bible.  Today's theme focused on the Wedding at Cana.  This was a great celebration that took a year to plan.  Unfortunately, the planning missed a vital supply . . . wine.  

This is our first time that we see Jesus perform a miracle in his known ministry.  Follow along to see the contextual history of why this could have been the worse moment for this couple's family and yet, Jesus chose the moment for others to begin to see the power that was behind his ministry.




East Woods Presbyterian Church will host Family Promise the week of August 23rd through the 29th.  Our hosting duties will be a little different this time. 


When churches shut down last March because of COVID-19, the families moved to hotels for housing. 


Churches continued to help the families in various ways. We provided grocery gift cards and encouraging notes during our May rotation. The families prepared meals in their room kitchenettes with the money from the gift cards.  This set-up allowed them to adhere to social distancing guidelines.


The unbudgeted hotel expense was burdensome for the program. Thanks to the generous offer from the owners of Sumner House in Camas, the families will move in on August 2nd.  They will use this for their overnight stays. They return to the Day Center to receive the services and support needed to obtain employment, housing, and independence.   Session has approved our request for volunteers to cover the family time at Sumner House during our rotation. 


We need to provide two people on-site each day from 5:15 p.m. to 7:15 a.m. The only meal we will serve will be dinner.  We will serve families in their rooms with disposable plates and serve ware. Each family collects their trash for disposal before they depart each morning. 


All family members and volunteers are required to wear masks and observe social distancing. Each family member with get temperature checks twice daily.   There will be very little interaction between volunteers and guests.  We will provide grocery gift cards for breakfasts and lunches.  These meals will be eaten at the Day Center. 



We are providing this online volunteer sign-up here for your convenience.

There are three areas you can sign up for per day.  Each one requires two volunteers.


Meal Hosts (5:15 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.)

  • Provide a complete dinner prepared at home and delivered to each family’s room at 5:30 p.m.  We will provide the number of families and how many in each before our week.
  • You can coordinate on the menu with your partner volunteer.
  • Remain on-site to meet any needs until the next volunteers arrive.

First Overnight Hosts (8:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.)

  • Two people must spend the first overnight shift to providing security.  One person needs to be awake to do scheduled building checks per the Fire Marshall requirements.  The other can sleep and share responsibilities.
  • Cots are provided. You bring your bedding (as we have previously done.)

Second Overnight Hosts (2:00 a.m. PM-7:15 a.m.) Please sign up for the following day, even though it's the same night.

  • Same requirements as the First Overnight Hosts.
  • There is minimal clean-up in the morning after the families depart: disinfection of common area doorknobs, tables, kitchen surfaces that were touched, and the bathroom designated for volunteer use.  Each family is responsible for cleaning the areas they have used. 


NOTE:  Shifts can easily be combined (recommended), so you don’t have to travel in the middle of the night. 


Prayerfully consider volunteering to host at the Sumner House in Camas the week of August 23rd. If you are able to volunteer, please sign up by Sunday, August 16.  

Call Pat Norby (360-600-6391) or Lynne Helmke (360-241-9737) if you need help signing up or have questions.  We’re so happy that you are able to help us continue to support the Family Promise program.


In God’s Grace,


Lynne and Pat

Devotional Booklet

Light in the Shadows, Light of our Lives

Pastor Bill Sperry and Susie Freeman wrote this devotional for the Summer as we continue to be separated by the pandemic restrictions. We hope that you will enjoy and be blessed by the art and commentary within.

Click the cover to open or download the .pdf.


We are extremely grateful for your commitment and generosity.

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