Our Story

Our early years, beginning in 1993, were spent as The New Presbyterian Fellowship, meeting in the cafeteria at Harmony Elementary School, lead by our organizing pastor, Greg Ikehara-Martin. Every week, sandwich boards were placed to welcome worshipers.  Chairs and a simple 'chancel' were set up for worship. In spite of these humble beginnings, there was great love, joy, and caring to be felt.

In 1997 we seized an opportunity to move to the Fisher’s Grange Hall located a few blocks south on 162nd Ave.  We celebrated our ‘next step’ towards the goal of having our own facility. New energy and enthusiasm grew under the pastorship of Rev. Scott Phillips and we were granted permission to Charter. 

On Pentecost Sunday (June 11th, 2000) we officially became East Woods Presbyterian Church.

We officially broke ground on our current property on January 28, 2007, with almost the entire congregation gathered in the middle of the forest, singing and praising God for all His blessings.  Almost a year later, on January 8, 2008, we began moving into the completed building.  What a joyous occasion for all involved – it had been a very long trip from beginning to end.

In the fall of 2011, a new Senior Pastor, Rev. Bill Sperry, was chosen and began his tenure overseeing the next chapter in the life of East Woods.  Bill's musical talents and affable personality built many lasting relationships within and without of the congregation. A global pandemic led us to discover new ways to connect with one another in the name of our Lord. Cameras and an enhanced sound system were put in place in the sanctuary, allowing for live and streaming worship services. The east yard was sold in 2020, allowing us to pay off the mortgage and enter the new year debt free. 

There is no doubt that the saga of East Woods Presbyterian Church has many more chapters to come.  With God’s help and blessings, we look forward to the future He has in store for us. We welcome you to be a part of that future with us, in Jesus' name.