Global outreach team

guatemala 2024

February 26-March 5, 2024

The East Woods GO Team is going to Guatemala in 2024!  And we're excited to partner with St John's Presbyterian Church of Camas. Several members of our team join us from SJPC.

Our Mission

We'll learn about the needs of the Guatemalan people in context of their history and culture. And learn about CEDEPCA's ministry work in multiple communities. Most importantly, we'll learn what it means to seek justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God in a broader context through friendships of people living in Guatemala. CEDEPCA is a long time ministry partner of PC(USA) and continues to help shape and expand our world view as justice focused Jesus following people. 

We'll also be serving alongside CEDEPCA's Disaster Relief ministry as we deliver much needed clean water filters to rural communities who otherwise must drink contaminated water, which is a leading cause of disease and death to children under five years old.

Keep reading to see how you can partner with us in this lifesaving outreach! 

And read in their own words why our team is excited about this trip!

Pictured left to right: Roberta Schlechter, Liz Wetzler, Chris Eddy, Pastor Char Mace, Sherrie Thomas, Kathryn Monroe, Darryl Eddy, Linda Thompson, Pastor Joyce Emery, Elaine Brockhage. Team Members not pictured: Phil Mace and Cindy Craft.

How you can partner with us


  • Team unity 
  • Team health & safety during the trip
  • For our partners at CEDEPCA and their ministries
  • For the Guatemalan people we will meet
  • For our hearts to be open to what God wants to teach us during our "Intercultural Encounter"


We're raising funds to provide water filters to rural families. Each water filter costs $50. 

Our goal is to provide water filters to at least 50 families so they can access clean drinking water. 

Please go here to our special giving page. Just indicate "water filters" in the note section. You can also drop off a check or cash in the offering or at the church office. Just be sure to note "water filters" on the check or envelope.


Attend our return celebration and presentation on a Friday evening - date to be announced!

Why I'm excited!

We asked GO team members why they're excited about this trip. 

Here's what they had to say.

"I am most excited about the opportunity to connect and form relationships with the Guatemala people and gain clarity on the everyday issues they are facing, learning about their culture, and discovering ways to support them while sharing God's abundant, steadfast love." - Cindy

"I'm excited to meet people of another culture, see more of God’s wonders and to help people have a better life – even if it’s as seemingly simple as a water filter." - Linda

"I am going on this trip because I felt God tugging on my heart when it was first talked about. Now I am looking forward to the sunshine and learning mass Espanol!" - Elaine

"I’m excited to see what God has in store for this team as we come alongside our partners in Guatemala. And I can’t wait to reconnect with the friends I made during my 2023 trip!" - Kathryn

"When I was a little girl a colleague of my Dad's traveled to Guatemala on business. He returned with a beautiful little skirt and bolero for me, and a matching skirt for my Mom. They were woven of deep green fabric with white embroidered llamas. I loved them. That's been my image of Guatemala my whole life. I can't wait to see the country and meet the people." - Roberta

"I'm excited to immerse myself in the culture." - Sherrie

“I’ve been praying for the ministry of CEDEPCA since I met the Rev. Dr. Karla Koll over 25 years ago. She teaches people to dig into God’s word for their own context. She expects the Holy Spirit to guide. I’m eager hear first-hand the life and faith issues of our partners in Guatemala." - Pastor Joyce