Children Discipleship

East Woods Children's Discipleship Ministry build a joyous and loving relationship with God through knowing Jesus Christ and discovering God's Word in the Holy Bible. By pouring into your child’s life, partnering with parents, and cheering families on as they grow spiritually, we want kids to know how God’s Word fits into their lives, to learn how to talk to God, and to build friendships that will last. 

As children learn about God's teachings, they will discover their place in the church, how to apply these teachings to their lives and become true disciples of Jesus Christ.


East Woods' Youth and Children Discipleship Ministry commits to bringing children into our community where they can:

  • belong to the family of God
  • celebrate - grow in their relationship with Jesus
  • care - learn to serve others
  • connect - share Jesus with their world

CHILDREN's Sunday School

Sunday School is in session!

Who gets to attend Sunday School?

Bring your children, age 5 - 5th grade, to join us for our Sunday School.

What happens during Sunday School?

Teachers and volunteer who minister in the classroom are often dedicated, caring, and committed Christians.  In such a context, even simply reading to children provides great benefit, as the children encounter an adult Christian role model, beyond their parents or clergy person.

Fortunately, our Sunday school teachers do much more than just read. They introduce children to the great Biblical dramas, connecting God’s Story with their own.  They teach children prayers, showing them the reality of an inner realm where God speaks to them and through them. They sing with children. They nurture creativity through crafts, projects, skits, and more.

When do we offer Sunday School?

We offer Sunday School after the Children's Message during worship. Then you can enjoy worship while your children are in Sunday School.

But I want my children in worship with me.  What other option do I have?

We also offer Sunday School 9:15 a.m. before our 10 a.m. service.  When your children stay in service with you, we have activity clipboards available as you enter the Sanctuary.  This helps them be engaged with worship at their level.

What do I do while my child is in Sunday School before service?

While your children are in Sunday School you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and share some time building relationships with other congregants.

Jesus first . . .  Right?

We begin with the end in mind: 

If a child fully engages in a church, 

what should they have gained by the time

they “age out” of children’s ministry? 

Our goal is that they know that Jesus loves them. Similarly, we believe they should develop a personal relationship with Jesus and understand their redemption through him. We want our children to take these beliefs with them after they attend kids’ ministry and move into youth ministry.

We also want them to experience a loving, caring relationship with an adult, understand the Bible, engage with the culture as a resilient member.

10 Ways to Connect with Children

at East Woods

  1. Seek out a child or teenager you don’t know and introduce yourself. 
  2. Get to know them:  his/her name, his/her age, his/her interest.
  3. Talk to them before and after service.
  4. Listen to them.  Provide a safe space for him/her.
  5. Find a connection or something in common.
  6. Participate together in worship.
  7. Be a part of “Family Events” we offer.
  8. Encourage them to be in service with you.
  9. Volunteer for the many roles that support Family Ministry and Youth Ministry.
  10. Pray for them and with them.

There are many ways to work within these methods.
Let's discover what your connection method is together!

Contact Pastor Joyce for more information about connecting with kids.