friends of the carpenter

East Woods shares the vision of this local non-profit partner, who strives to ensure "people of all circumstances are accepted, honored and appreciated in our community, and are empowered to live life with dignity, hope and love".

whats it all about?

Friends of the Carpenter is a faith-based day shelter that provides safety, structure and a sense of purpose for vulnerable people in the community. 

While wood devotional items are made at the shelter, the main product is relationships.  Helping those who have encountered difficulties see them themselves as people of worth and bring their lives back on track.

how can i volunteer?

There are a wide variety of things you can help with from wood work to showing up and being a part of their daily devotions or helping out where needed. 

Check the website for current opportunities. 


Attend fundraisers, purchase wooden gift items, and donate financial resources either directly or through East Woods giving.  

Anything Else?

The beautiful cross, communion table and baptismal in our sanctuary were all hand-crafted by wood workers at Friends of the Carpenter!

Some examples of the wood work pieces created by Friends of the Carpenter clients.