August 2nd

Picnics in the Bible

For the month of August we have a new sermon series called "Picnics in the Bible."  Each week we'll explore a gathering and feast celebrated in the Bible.  Today's theme focused on the Wedding at Cana.  This was a great celebration that took a year to plan.  Unfortunately, the planning missed a vital supply . . . wine.  

This is our first time that we see Jesus perform a miracle in his known ministry.  Follow along to see the contextual history of why this could have been the worse moment for this couple's family and yet, Jesus chose the moment for others to begin to see the power that was behind his ministry.


August 9th

Part 2 of our 5 part sermon series on Picnics in the Bible.  Today's service was masterfully delivered as we read from Exodus 16.  The theme of this service was "Manna, Quail, and Chicken?"  And we had a very special guest join Pr Bill to share her perspectives on this passage.  We hope you enjoy the service.  

And congratulations to Pr Bill's promotion to LCDR Sperry.  We are so proud of you!


August 16th

More picnics in the bible today.  But the ants showed up.

Our Director of Children and Youth was prepared to preach a sermon on feeding with the 5000, but came down with pneumonia and lost his voice.  Pr Bill had a weekend with the Naval reserves, so we had to find a quick answer.  As you will see, we decided to make this a small group discussion about living in the abundance of our God.

Scripture reference is Mark 8:1-9.


August 23rd

We continue through the dog days of summer with our sermon series "Picnics in the Bible".  Today Roberta Schlechter shares a wonderful message on this theme with scripture from on the Road to Emmaus. 

Grab a sandwich and an apple and sit back and watch a spirit and food craving service.


August 30th

We finish out the sermon series "Picnics in the Bible."  Our Youth and Children Director, Kevin Gates, delivered his sermon, "Breakfast on the Beach," to cap off this fun, yet insightful series.

We also celebrated the installation of four new elders to our Session.

Happy Labor Day Weekend to everyone!  

We hope that you find a way to enjoy what is important to you over the three day weekend.