THE Long Walk with God

Sermon Series

From April 19 thru the end of July Pastor Bill will be preaching the Long Walk with God series.  His content is based on the book, "The Long Obedience in the Same Direction" by Pastor Eugene H. Peterson.  

Together we will walk through the Psalms of Accent (120-134) and explore how we can be obedient to our Heavenly Father.

July 26

This is our last Sunday to preach on the Accent Psalms.  (Video of service has been lost.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.) 

Psalm 134 is short and but a great wrap up to the series.

Come, bless the Lord, all you servants of the Lord,
    who stand by night in the house of the Lord!
2 Lift up your hands to the holy place,
    and bless the Lord.

3 May the Lord, maker of heaven and earth,
    bless you from Zion.


July 19th

Psalm 133 is our second to last psalm we will reflect on in this series.  The focus is on community and unity as people of faith.


July 12

This morning's message is about Christian obedience.  We’re continuing in our sermon series called The Long Walk with God, and we’ve come this morning to the 13th psalm in the Hebrew Psalms of Ascent.  Psalm 132 is the longest of the 15 psalms in this series, and it’s a psalm that looks back at history and forward to the future to remind us of how to live in the present in obedience to God’s word.  


JUNE 28th

Today we reflect on Psalm 130.  This is a psalm of hope.  And hope is being honest, oriented to God, participating with him, and having great expectation that you are heard from God.  


June 21st

Happy Father's Day!

Today we visited Psalm 129 and had an applicable discussion with the Unity Family Church who shares space with East Woods.  We focused on racial relationship and how we can respond with a Christ-like heart.d


June 14th

Today we focus on Psalm 128.  We talked about blessings and happiness.  What a joy to speak to these topics in a time when we feel so unsettled.  The Accent Psalms help us get here.


JUNE 7th

Work!  If God Doesn't Build the House

Psalm 127 is our focus for service.

We also enjoyed the gift of communion.



We celebrate Pentecost Sunday with a sermon about "joy."

This service is loaded with great content, like a tribute to our graduates, an example of helping others during COVID, and a family singing together. Pastor also delivers a great sermon on Psalm 126 about JOY.  You will enjoy this one.  


May 24th

This week's sermon is focused on "Security."  What a great way to understand Psalm 125 and acknowledge all those that went before us in their service to our nation.  


MAY 17th

We are in our sixth week of the "A Walk with God" sermon series.  This week we focus on Psalm 124 with the theme of "HELP."  

We have to call out for help this week.  Actually we have to call out for forgiveness.  We don't have a recording of the service this week.  Our recording was inadvertently deleted before we could download it.  Our apologies.

But we do have the Message for Younger Disciples below.  And it is worth watching.

Blessings on your week!  Stay safe, healthy as you walk with God this week. 


may 10TH

Happy Mother's Day!  Below you will find the May 10th Sunday Service.  We hope you are blessed by it.

Sermon 4 in "The Long Walk With God"

You can find the other sermons in this series on our Worship page.


may 3rd

Sermon 3 of "The Long Walk with God."

You can find the other sermons in this series on our Worship page.


April 26th

Part 2 of the sermon series "A Long Walk with God".  God is our "Great Guardian Insurance Company."



This week (April 19th) starts a 15-week sermon series called "The Long Walk with God".  

We are following Eugene Peterson's book "A Long Obedience in the Same Direction" as our guide.