Biblical game changers

The Bible was built on stories of God doing extraordinary things through ordinary people. 

They became the Game Changers – cultural entrepreneurs who transformed the landscape of human history in partnership with God Most High. 

Join East Woods this Spring as we rediscover ten Biblical Game Changers and find inspiration in their stories of faithfulness, trust, strength and love.  

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  • Abraham: Righteous Advocate

    Abraham was chosen by God to father a people and bring blessing to the nations.  When everyone else judged Sodom and Gomorrah for destruction, Abraham advocated for their salvation before God, and his righteous love changed the game for everyone.  Explore Abraham's story with us, and find out how God's people are still called in 2021 to represent God's righteous love in bringing blessing to the nations.   

    Texts: Matthew 13:24-30; Genesis 18:16-33 



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    Sermon Notes

  • Ruth

    Kevin Gates will preach on Ruth on April 18.

  • Joseph

    Pastor Bill will preach on Joseph on April 25.


    Pastor Bill will preach on Moses on May 2.

  • MARY

    Gwen Wagner will preach on Mary, Jesus mother on May 9th - Mother's Day.

  • David

    Roberta Schlechter will preach on Peter on May 16th.

  • Peter

    Pastor Bill will peach on Peter on May 23rd.

  • Daniel

    Pastor Bill will preach on Daniel on May 30th.

  • JOB

    A guest preacher will preach on Job on June 6th.

  • John

    Pastor Bill will preach on John on June 13th.